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NEWS - Project Launch Dates Announced for June 2019!

We are very excited to announce our official launch dates for the Saskatchewan Doukhobor Living Book Project on Friday, June 28th (museum exhibit and Soundscape opening) and Saturday, June 29th (grand premiere of film) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! Full details on the launch events and how to get tickets are on the "Launch Events" section of this site.

Click this link to download press release from the WDM on the launch of the project.

This Saskatchewan Doukhobor Living Book Project will preserve the history and spiritual traditions of the Saskatchewan Doukhobors for future generations. It will document the Doukhobor 'moleniye' (translated as “prayer service”) as practiced by the Saskatchewan Doukhobors, capture the oral history of Doukhobor elders, and explore how the community has evolved since first immigrating to Saskatchewan almost 120 years ago. The project title comes from the Doukhobor concept of the “Living Book”, and our sincere hope is that this website will become a truly “living” resource that will continue to grow over time. The two major products being produced as part of this initiative are:

Documentary Film: “We’ve Concluded Our Assembly: The Saskatchewan Doukhobors”

This film will capture the oral history and spiritual traditions of the Saskatchewan Doukhobors by incorporating interviews with more than two dozen members of the community, a recording of a Doukhobor prayer service, and archival footage and photographs that help tell the story of how the Doukhobor community in Saskatchewan has evolved over the years.

Spirit Wrestler Soundscape

The recording of a Saskatchewan Doukhobor prayer service will be used to create an immersive multimedia installation that will allow viewers to experience being a part of the prayer service itself through using multiple audio and video tracks to create a 360-degree auditory and visual experience as people move throughout the installation space. It will be initially hosted by the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, launching at the end of June 2019 along with a historical exhibit about the Doukhobors.


We are working to preserve the history and spiritual traditions of the Saskatchewan Doukhobors

Prayer Service Recording

Video recording of a prayer service as currently practiced by many of the Saskatchewan Doukhobors, with a mix of prayers recited and hymns sung in both Russian and English. It was recorded at the Blaine Lake Doukhobor Prayer Home on October 22, 2016. 

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